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New launch, design and production of 64-page property magazine

In early 2019 Spotty Dog was contacted to design and develop logos and magazine for Real Asset Media, a start-up bringing news and debate across Europe with a focus on built assets.

The content comprises set piece cover stories covering current themes, profiles of established and up-and-coming real estate companies, thought leadership comment pieces and reports from briefings held throughout Europe.

The challenge has been to keep pages looking lively while highlighting the people involved in the industry and the assets they manage. Creating maximum impact with cover stories and working with partner content to ensure designs maximise industry strategy and message. 

Real Asset Insight 7 – October 2020

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, property experts look to the future to assess how the sector might move forward. The office world has change and bricks-and-mortar retail remains in turmoil. But there are bright spots with logistics flying high, student accommodation remaining resilient and senior living emerging as a serious asset class.

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Real Asset Insight 6 – June 2020

As the global coronavirus pandemic hit locked down economies, online retail advanced as households turned to the internet for their everyday shopping. Some have predicted the pandemic has moved the online trend forward by five years, and this forms the cover story for June’s edition of Real Asset Insight.

In fact, the pandemic has affected all corners of the real estate industry and a series of briefing events – hastily rearranged as online events – discussed its impact in detail.

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Real Asset Insight 5 – March 2020

The main content for the March edition of Real Asset Insight was completed before the full impact of the Covid-19 crisis became apparent. The fact that MIPIM – around which our production schedule was geared – was postponed was a blow, albeit a necessary move. But it does not detract from great content and great design.

It was all about the opportunities that 5G telecoms can bring to property in the first issue of 2020. A MIPIM special edition was unfortunately hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The event was postponed until June and a late addition to the magazine outlined the possible damage to real estate the outbreak could cause.

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